Age Your Social Life Peaks, 29, Because You Can Finally Afford One

Having a social life in high school and college is one thing. It's harder once you hit the real world and have bigger concerns, like money and kids. 

A new poll by Evite asked people when their social life PEAKED. And the average answer was 29 years old. Partly because you can finally afford a real social life. But you're still young enough to have the energy to go out.

Half of people in the survey said their social life peaked sometime in their 20s. And 61% said getting your finances in order is a huge factor. Here are four more stats . . .

1. 51% said being in a stable, long-term relationship also helps. Maybe because you get a whole new friend group out of it.

2. The top events we attend that make us feel like a real "adult" are weddings . . . dinner parties . . . happy hour with coworkers . . . housewarmings . . . and bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Laughing friends toasting during party in night club

3. The top conversation topic at parties that makes us feel like an adult is talking about our future plans. Politics, health care, and the weather also made the top five.

4. Cancelling plans on a friend won't necessarily make them angry. 24% of people in the poll said they're sometimes RELIEVED when friends cancel on them. 


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