A Tourist Attraction Detects a Woman's Breast Cancer

A British woman found out she had breast cancer after passing through a popular Scottish tourist site’s thermal imager, which detected the cancer.

Bal Gill, 41, of Berkshire, UK, and her family had visited Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura and World of Illusions museum in May. After going through the thermal imaging room — a nifty exhibit that scans people’s heat signatures — Gill noticed a peculiar “hot spot” on her left breast.

A few days later, Gill happened across a photo of the heat patch, which inspired her to do a Google search that turned up articles on infrared imagers detecting cancer. Gill’s suspicions were confirmed when she was diagnosed with breast cancer by an oncologist.

Fortunately, thanks to her impromptu mammogram catching the tumor early, doctors should be able to treat her cancer without chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Gill has undergone two surgeries, including a mastectomy, with a final operation slated for November.

Source:NY Post

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