Woman Deals with An Internet Troll by Telling His Mom

After months of being harassed by an Internet troll, Scottish comedian Amna Saleem had had enough. So she did what any third-grader knows will stop a bully in his tracks: she told his mom!

Saleem revealed in a tweet that she endured three months harassment from him and that his behavior has become “increasingly erratic” over time. She says her troll photoshopped her face onto naked bodies and threatened to post them online and even threatened to rape and kill her.

So Saleem reached out to the troll’s mother and told her what was going on. She posted the text message to her on Twitter, explaining that “he seems to be offended by my existence as a woman from a Muslim background who doesn’t adhere to his strict standards,” and that she’s never met or interacted with him, so his “grievances are quite baffling.” And she asked his mom if she would mind talking to him about it.

The mother responded that they would talk to him immediately. “Expect an apology from him later today,” the mom told Saleem. “Thanks for letting us know about our stupid son.”

Source:New York Post

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