Build-A-Bear Is Selling Girl Scout Cookie Bears That Smells Like Cookies

It's Girl Scout cookie season and Build-a-Bear is getting in on the action. They’re now offering a Coconut Caramel Cookie Bear.

The new bear is part of Build-a-Bear’s Girl Scouts of the USA Collection and this one has chocolate and caramel colored fur. The best part? You can even get the bear scented to smell like the beloved Girl Scout Cookies Samoas (or Caramel deLites, depending on where you live.)

And since this is Build-a-Bear, there are all kinds of accessories you can buy to go with the bear, including a Girl Scout cookie-themed onesie and a hoodie that says “Smart Cookie” on the front.

Girl Scout troops can now book some time online to come in and create their own bears, but those of us who are just cookie fans will have to wait until January 31st when the bears hit stores.


Photo: Getty Images

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