Planters Pausing Ads About Mr. Peanut's Demise After Kobe's Death

Kobe Bryant Reportedly Killed In Helicopter Crash In Calabasas Hills

After the real-life tragic death of KOBE BRYANT, Planters has decided to "pause" their ad campaign hyping the tragic death of Mr. Peanut.

If you're wondering what the connection is . . . apparently, people were searching #RIP-related hashtags on social media to see stuff about Kobe, and Planters had a bunch of sponsored posts about Mr. Peanut.

And a press mailer with "prayer candles" for Mr. Peanut was recently sent out.

That said, Planters is still moving forward with their Super Bowl ads, which will somehow involve Mr. Peanut's funeral.

A rep said, quote, "We deeply regret any offense or upset caused by this coincidental timing . . . we're saddened by this weekend's news and Planters has paused all [online] campaign activities, including paid media, and will evaluate next steps through a lens of sensitivity to those impacted by this tragedy."

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