Man Searches For Family After He Finds Their VHS Tape of Baby's 1st Steps

This wouldn't be a big deal today, because everything's saved in the cloud. Back in the day, if you lost a video, that sucker was gone...

A guy near Austin, Texas named Jim McKay recently bought an old VCR at Goodwill to use for a film project. And the previous owner had left a tape in it from 1994 . . . of their son taking his very first steps.

The whole video was about 18 minutes, and showed the kid's dad helping him learn to walk. So Jim knew it was important, and wanted to see if he could track down the family.

He managed to get a local news station to air the footage. And earlier this month, he DID find the family.

The kid's name is TyRe Alexander.  He was 10 months old in the video, and he's 26 now. It turned out his mom called him when she saw the news report and said, "Do you know you're on TV right now?"

He says he was excited to watch it, because he'd never seen it before. And he's extremely grateful to Jim for working so hard to track him down. 


Thumbnail: Getty Images

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