Restaurant Will Seat Single People in Front of a Mirror For Valentine's Day

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There's a new pop-up restaurant in London for Valentine's Day that's specifically for single people. If you book a table, they'll seat you in front of a MIRROR as a way of promoting "self-love."

The restaurant is called "Two4One." They say the point of the mirror is to spend Valentine's Day, quote, "falling in love with yourself."

There's a twist though. After watching yourself eat alone, they'll remove the mirror . . . and reveal another person who's been sitting across from you the whole time.

It's not clear if it's supposed to be a matchmaking thing or just a weird social experiment. But you eat dessert with them, and then have the option of splitting the bill.

Tickets cost about $25, and all the money they make goes to charity. 

(Huffington Post)

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