Did You Spend More Than The Average Person Preparing for Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America

I think most people bought at least some supplies before this social distancing started. Whether you bought a little or a lot, let's see how your total dollars spent compares...

According to a Lending Tree poll:

  • 63% of Americans purchased supplies to be prepared for the coronavirus outbreak.
  • On average they spent $178.44, on things like food, alcohol, medication and cleaning products.
  • For those with kids, the amount spent was $189.80, while those who earn over $100K spent an average of $219.90.
  • The most popular products purchased include:
    • Cleaning products (77%)
    • Food (69%)
    • Paper products (you know, toilet paper) (68%)
    • Water (62%)
    • Medication (47%)
    • Alcohol (24%)
    • Entertainment (13%)

Source:Lending Tree

Photo: Getty Images

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