Kids Entertaining Themselves During Quarantine...

Kids are home. Many parents are home.

It's a lot of togetherness, tons of downtime and an opportunity (as much as a need) to get creative!

Here are two examples I came across this week, where kids in my family and community made the best of their social downtime...

This is my cousin, Ella. She lives in Seattle. While doing some weeding with her Mom, Keunae, she decided "Who the heck needs snow?"

Then this happened...Scroll through to see the progression :)

The second group of creative kids- I didn't actually see. Just came across their art. (It's amazing what you see when you actually look around). I was running on the trail by my house, saw nothing on the way out but when I turned around to come home, I started to notice all these painted rocks along the pathway! A welcome distraction while exercising...

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