Will Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety When This Is Over?

A funny thing's happened at our house during the last month.

I've always been the one who spends afternoons with Tuffy. I run him every day and he's been very connected to me.

Since 'Stay At Home' the tables have turned. Jeff's home and working in the living room. Our pup stays with him all day. (He's joined my in the "Ironing Board Studio once!) He's also running Tuff every day. The result? My furry bud could care less about me and is officially "Jeff's dog." He follows him around, looks to him when he wants something and wags his tail whenever he sees him.

It hurts. :)

If you're not an essential worker, you've been at home a lot too. How's your dog liking it? Is he/she going to freak out when you head back to work? An animal psychologist gave their thought...

Following months of staying at home, dogs are not prepared for the country to re-open. Animal psychologists predicted a high level of separation anxiety.

Dr. Roger Mugford warned, (quote) “The lockdown is such a massive change in routine. Dogs are building up a huge reservoir of over-dependency. When the lockdown lifted, it’s going to be a huge shock for dogs.”

This could be an unintended consequence of quarantining. Once we return to work, brace yourself to come home and find your dog has ruined the floors with puddles of pee and poo. Uh-Oh.

(The London Times)

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