Woman Finds Out She's Pregnant After Her Toilet Turns Blue

A trip to the bathroom led one woman to discover she was seven months pregnant!

Lots of women are pregnant and don’t realize it right away, so many that there’s a whole show about it, “I didn’t know I was pregnant.” Caitlyn Bradley used to watch it and now she’s become one of those women herself. The 25-year-old from Buffalo, New York had been having some digestion issues, heartburn, and some bloating, but chalked it up to her celiac’s disease.

Caitlyn told herself she’d get it checked out at the doctor after the pandemic, but a trip to the bathroom helped her figure out what was going on. Her porcelain toilet seat turned blue after she used it and a quick Google search came back with pages of people talking about how pregnancy hormones turn porcelain toilet seats blue. The mysterious phenomenon is sometimes jokingly referred to as “Smurf butt” and there are several theories about why it happens, but one of the most plausible is that the blue tint is caused by a sweat gland condition called chromhidrosis.

After taking a pregnancy test, Caitlyn was shocked to find out she is indeed pregnant and after a visit to the doctor, she was even more shocked to find out she’s seven months along! Fortunately, she’s healthy and her baby boy is, too. He’s due on June 20th and both the mom-to-be and her fiancé are excited and busy getting things ready about his arrival.

Source:The Stir

Photo: Getty Images

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