Why I'm Trying Fake Flowers On The Front Porch This Summer

After living in our house for 12 years and killing every damn plant I've ever placed on the front porch, I'm finally ready to try something new.

Fake flowers.

For the longest time, I had this tinge of guilt whenever the thought crossed my mind. It was an admission of defeat. I wasn't trying hard enough to keep them alive, I was lazy when it came to watering them, I hadn't done enough research to find the right plants for that area...all those feelings are gone.

I no longer care and just want my porch to look nice and be relatively easy to take care of. So far, I'd say the plants look decent.

Here's what I've bought.

Ferns and flowers for our big pots...

The ferns are almost paper like and easy to shape. The purple flowers have some flaky coating on them but overall, I still really like them.

I'm trying to save some money so I spray painted some small jars and old planters matte black.

I bought two packs of succulents. While there are a few fake-looking duds, most of them are great!

I ordered some white, aquarium rocks for filler in the big pots. To finish off the display, I've got some big flat rocks and chunks of wood (of varying heights) to use as my plant stands.

I'm setting everything up this weekend and will post some finished photos. Wish me luck :)

If you're interested, here are the links for the plants and rocks I bought. (I'll still be putting real plants on our back deck. I think I can handle one area of plant care outside!)


*Purple Flower Filler


*Succulents 2

*Aquarium Rock For Filler

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