Habits We're Thinking About Ditching/Changing Post-Pandemic

Being in quarantine has forced us to take a long, hard look at our daily habits and see what’s working and what we’d like to change. As we’ve adapted to this different lifestyle, we’re realizing that some things don’t deserve to be high on our priority list anymore. These are a few pre-pandemic habits that people are giving up going forward...

  • Spending money on bi-monthly gel manicures- After a couple months of not handing over $60 every two weeks to get a gel mani, it’s hard to go back. Especially when you can DIY a manicure for so much less and even though you’re not a pro, your tips will still look pretty good.
  • Tolerating toxic friendships- Quarantine has shown us who our true friends are and we’re not willing to invest in people who take more than they give anymore.
  • Scheduling every hour of every day- If you were someone who made detailed to-do lists and lived for mapping out your time and routine, being in lockdown has forced you to be more flexible. And now that you’re getting used to it, you may find you’ll leave more room to live in the moment going forward.
  • Skipping lunch breaks- Your well-being should be a priority, no matter how busy your work days are. So when life speeds up again, make time to drink water and take a break to eat because your body needs it.
  • Focusing on future plans rather than present moments- We get so excited about the next big thing coming up in our lives that we may rush through the present, but this pandemic has shown us that even the best-laid plans can get changed. Now we can try to actually be in the moment instead of waiting for what’s next.
  • Always being “on”- The lines between working from home and personal time are blurred for a lot of us, but we all need down time. If you can get to the point of being able to close your computer and put your phone down when the workday is done, that’s a good place to be.

Source:Hello Giggles

Photo: Getty Images

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