Men Think They Become Their Fathers At Age 37

Family reunion. Father and son hugging outdoors.

Friendly reminder that Father’s Day is THIS WEEKEND and new survey based on dads found out that most men think they become like their father as soon as they turn 37!

In the survey 68% of men said they feel and understand their dad with every year and the things they used to make fun of them for are slowly becoming their traits.

Some of the traits those surveyed they learned from their dad include taking grilling seriously, grunting when getting off the couch, falling asleep in random places, and liking really corny jokes.

Also just as an aside to this survey, some of the things new dads said they wanted for Father's Day included:

  • An ice-cold beer
  • Juicy steak dinner
  • Glass of whiskey
  • Phone call from his family
  • Peace and quiet
  • A physical expensive gift (tech, smart phone, etc)
  • Watch whatever he wants on TV
  • To be left alone
  • To sleep in
  • Sports back on TV
  • A cheaper practical gift (socks, tools, etc)

(SWNS Digital)

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