The Best Shows of 2020 So Far

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Some of us have given up and run to the nearest Ruby Tuesday, but if you're still trying to social distance and quarantine, then you STILL need new stuff to watch.

So "Rolling Stone" put together a list of the 15 best shows of 2020 so far. Here they are:

1. "Better Call Saul", AMC

2. "Brockmire", IFC

3. "Normal People", Hulu

4. "My Brilliant Friend: The Story of a New Name", HBO

5. "Better Things", FX

6. "Ramy", Hulu

7. "Little America", AppleTV+

8. "The Good Place", NBC

9. "High Fidelity", Hulu

10. "What We Do in the Shadows", FX

11. "Bojack Horseman", Netflix

12. "The Plot Against America", HBO

13. "The Great", Hulu

14. "Devs", FX on Hulu

15. "Dave", FXX

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