Some People Get More By Mosquitos, Here's Why...

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A recent survey finds that 77% of people say mosquitoes have interrupted their summer activities.

There are several reasons why some people get more bites than others. According to research, mosquitoes are attracted to:

According to research, mosquitoes are attracted to:

  • People with higher body temperatures.
  • People who are active during exercise, because they produce more carbon dioxide and sweat containing lactic acid, and have higher body temperatures.
  • People with higher concentrations of steroids or cholesterol on their skin’s surface.
  • People with higher levels of stress (they can detect hormones related to stress).
  • Pregnant women because of their higher body temperatures and production of more CO2.
  • People wearing dark clothes, like reds, blacks and blues.
  • Alcohol drinkers because blood vessels dilate, increasing skin temperature. Also, ethanol content in sweat attracts them.

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