Yard Work Burns A Whole Lotta Calories A Year

Not everyone loves doing yard work. I'm one of those people who does. I'd so much rather be doing yard work than cleaning the house.

If you need some extra incentive to mow the lawn just know that it is actually a good workout you can do for free!

A new survey of 2,00 homeowners found that homeowners spend an average of 165-hours a year maintaining or fixing up their homes and all those activities can burn off quite a few calories.

According to the survey, many people don’t consider yard work to be exercise, but these tasks can burn thousands of calories a year, if they’re done consistently, including these:

  • Mowing the grass can burn more than 4,000 calories every year
  • Carrying wood, bags of soil, and bags of compost can burn another 3,000 calories
  • Planting shrubs and seeds can burn another 2,600 calories a year
  • Weeding can torch more than 6,000 calories
  • And just watering the garden can burn nearly 4,000 calories over the course of a year.

This means if homeowners put in all that time and sweat doing all this work and more, they could end up burning over 80,000 calories a year just working in their yards and gardens!


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