10 Signs You're A Modern Man

I'm proud to say, the guy in the picture (my husband, Jeff) is a modern man. As I read through this list, I couldn't find one item that doesn't describe him.

A new poll asked people to name the top traits of a "modern man" who's truly comfortable with the current era we're in. Here are the top ten signs you're a "modern man" . . .

1. You do your fair share of the cleaning.

2. You talk openly about your feelings.

3. If your boss or manager was a woman, you'd be totally fine with it.

4. You're okay discussing your mental health.

5. You're a good listener.

6. You're great with kids.

7. You're openly affectionate.

8. You'd be fine being a stay-at-home dad.

9. You don't always feel the need to put on a brave face.

10. You stand up against racism and prejudice. 


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