Experts Suggest Seven Reasons You're Getting Deja Vu

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De javu. That feeling of "I've been here before".

Experts weigh in on why that sense of a moment repeating itself is happening to you.

Things Have Become Out Of Sync In Your Brain

This is called a mismatch, and it explains why something that has never occurred can feel like it has.

Your Brain Senses Familiarity

Scientist agrees that it does come down to how the brain processes memory and the occasional mismatch, making it a cross between a memory error and a "neurological impulse glitch." You may also be more familiar with the situation that sparks déjà vu than you think.

It's A Sign Of Epilepsy

This doesn't mean you should run to the nearest neurologist the next time you experience déjà vu. If you have an epilepsy diagnosis, though, your déjà vu may be a warning sign of a seizure beginning.

You're Young

About 60 to 70% of people report having déjà vu, but it's likely that it occurs more commonly, and déjà vu occurrences are generally more common in younger people. We experience the most déjà vu between the periods of 15 and 25.

You're Stressed

This could be because when you're under a lot of pressure, or processing a whole heap of information at once, your brain is more likely to 'glitch' and have difficulty lining up memory with real life.

You've Lived A Past Life (This one's a stretch)

While not scientifically sound. If you believe in past lives, this could mean a past memory is coming through.

Your Brain Is Working

Déjà vu is actually a good sign, and seems to reflect the brain's ability to process memories at different levels and at differing speeds


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