Nat'l Parks PSA Asks You Not To Push Slower Friends Down For Bears

Have to give props to the National Park Service for coming up with the simplest, but most effective PSA of all time warning people to NOT push people down in front of bears!

Tons of people are going outside more often now that they are tired of being trapped in their homes and the National Park Service is letting everyone know that they are on high alert for bear encounters.

In a recent post on the NPS’ Facebook page, they cautioned tourists about the dos and don’ts of encounters with the mighty mammal and the biggest one was about not pushing anyone who is slower than you down so that the bear can go after them instead of you (aka horror movie rules).

What you should actually do if you come face-to-face with a bear is to slowly move away sideways and then once you're far enough away you can proceed to quicken the pace.

At the same time, if you're trapped, the National Park Service says to stay calm and hold your ground by making a noise and not climb up a tree!

Check out the PSA below!

Getty Images

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