Blake Shelton Got Owned by Luke Bryan on Twitter

The Voice - Season 12

If there was battle of the wits between BLAKE SHELTON and LUKE BRYAN, my money would be on Blake. He's vicious. And funny. But I may change my mind if Luke keeps this up. 

Here's what I'm talking about. Blake made a post on Twitter yesterday showing Luke's face . . . and underneath there was a fake news headline that read, "Study finds falling asleep at the wheel linked to Luke Bryan music." 

He captioned it, quote, "Wow! Just catching up on the news. Shocking. I have noticed some fatigue when @Luke-Bryan comes on."

Not bad . . . but Luke's reply topped it. He wrote, "@Blake-Shelton, your girlfriend is the only reason people are listening to your last two singles." (And . . . mic drop.)

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