Watch Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Do a Sexy Slow Dance

FAITH HILL posted a video of herself and TIM MCGRAW doing a sexy slow dance in their living room. It was under cover of the night and there were twinkle lights setting the mood. Also, they had an audience. 

Their three daughters Maggie, Audrey, and Gracie were hooting and hollering and loving it. Faith's caption explains the whole thing. Quote, "The girls and I surprised Tim with our first-ever family album release party.

"We've never listened to one of our new albums with just the girls. Ever. An unforgettable evening for what in my humble opinion is one of the greatest albums Tim has ever recorded. We're so proud of this man. He's created a masterpiece."

"Here on Earth", drops Friday . . . and they were dancing to the track "Damn Sure Do". Tim and Faith have been married for 25 years

Getty Images

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