Yearly Cost Difference Between Buying Coffee Daily and Using A Coffee Pot

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With Pumpkin Spice Latte season in full effect, it's time to crunch the numbers to see how much money we save if we didn’t go to a coffee shop daily.

A new report by Next Advisor reveals just how much money people save giving up Starbucks. The report claims people who drink Starbucks every day spend about $2,007.50 a year

Those who simply make coffee in their coffee pot spend only about $45.90 a year, which saves them as much as $1,961.60 yearly.

Here’s how much folks are spending on coffee:

  • Starbucks - $2.75 a cup or $2,007.50 a year
  • Nespresso - $1.10 a cup, or $962.00 a year
  • Keurig - $.48 a cup or $533.50 year
  • French Press - $.22 a cup or $160.60 a year
  • Coffee Pot - $.03 a cup or $45.90 a year

(Next Advisor)

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