Sara Evans Doesn't Want Her Mom to Read Her New Book

If you wrote a memoir about your life, would you be brave enough to include the stuff you DON'T want your parents to read? SARA EVANS did. It's all in her new book "Born to Fly", which came out Tuesday

She tells Taste of Country, quote, "I don't want my mom to read it. That's been the most stressful. I want to sell millions of copies, but I don't want family to read it." 

Her parents divorced when she was 12 . . . and her dad wasn't around much after that. Things were so tough that her mom asked her to do something that, well, she probably wishes Sara had kept to herself.

Quote, "I talk about how [she] told us to ask our dad for the child support. I don't wanna make her feel bad, but it did happen. Hopefully it won't offend her, but we're kind of an easily offended family and we have a hard time talking things through."

Sara went through a divorce of her own in 2007, but she didn't talk about that in the book, because they're both under a gag order. But even if they weren't, she would've stayed away for the sake of their three kids.

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