Mom's "Jar of Pain" Discipline System Going Viral

Tired of yelling at your kids to do things and not getting results? You could try this discipline method created by a mom in Singapore. Leza, a mother of a teenager, a tween and a nine year old, came up with this alternate system of punishment and it’s quickly gone viral.

Using what she calls the “Jar of Pain,” Leza charges her kids money every time they break one of her house rules. She and her husband divided the offenses into categories of severity and the kids are charged accordingly. For low-level crimes, like not hanging up towels, she charges them 50-cents, but if they do it again the same day, the charge doubles. The prices go up for more serious violations, like $1 for “waking someone up before 6:30am.”

Leza keeps a “board of charges” posted on the fridge, so her kids know exactly how much their offenses will cost them. She explains that for bigger responsibilities, like failing to do homework, she’ll take away her children’s gadgets and sometimes they feel the pain of losing both their gadgets and money. At the end of the month, she uses Jar of Pain cash to buy the family dinner from a nice restaurant or lets the kids spend it at the arcade. The best part? The mom says it’s reduced her yelling by 80%.


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