For Fun: What Your Steering Wheel Grip Says About Your Personality

Woman and English bulldog inside Chevrolet bel air, Santa Cruz, California, USA

A "personality expert" online claims you can tell how a person acts just by how they grip their steering wheel. Here are seven driving styles, and what they mean . . .

1. "10 and 2." That's the classic way you might have learned as a teenager. If you still do it now, it means you play by the rules. And you might also be a perfectionist.

2. "9 and 3." So on the far left and right sides of the wheel. It means you're probably an anxious person, but also very thorough.

3. "8 and 4." Like "10 and 2" but on the bottom of the wheel. It means you're a confident person who likes to take charge.

4. One hand on the bottom of the wheel. You're a minimalist who keeps things simple.

5. One hand near the top of the wheel. You're relaxed and like to project confidence.

6. Holding near the middle of the wheel. If it's one-handed, you're a thrill-seeker who lives life to the fullest. Two-handed means you're soft spoken and try to avoid conflict.

7. With one hand ON the horn, ready to go. You're probably a busy and BOSSY person. But you're also reliable. 

(Daily Mail)

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