How Long Are You Willing To Wait For A Good Deal?

Black Friday Shoppers Hit UK High Streets

There is a Christmas present I've been waiting to buy for 24 days now. I'm waiting for a discount, a coupon code, a Black Friday deal...anything to save some money on this bigger ticket item. Still no luck but I plan to win this game of discount chicken :)

How long are you willing to put off a purchase for a good deal?

When it comes to holiday shopping most people love a good bargain, and it turns out folks are wiling to wait to make sure they get a good one. 

A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the shopping app Flipp finds;

  • 64% of Americans will stalk and item in the hopes it will go on sale.
  • The average bargain hunter will wait an extra eight days to buy something in case the price may drop.
  • Half of those looking for a deal will check on a specific item at least once a day to see if it gets marked down.
  • But it doesn’t always work, with 59% of price stalkers missing out on an item because it went out of stock while waiting.

But price-stalking is only one way folks attempt to save money on holiday shopping.

  • Other top money saving strategies include:
    • Shopping sales (63%)
    • Using coupons (57%)
    • Buying in bulk (42%)
    • Subscribing to store newsletters to receive discounts (48%)
    • Taking advantage of rebate programs (48%)
    • Taking advantage of cash back credit card rewards (47%)
    • Price comparison apps or browser extensions (44%)
    • Filling up your cart to see if you’re offered a discount incentive to purchase (43%)
    • Thrifting gently-used items (40%) 

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