4 Tricks to Help You Look More Confident

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Let’s be real, a lot of us haven’t been to the salon in a minute. For me, it's been 10 months. My husband has been cutting my hair.

Your self-confidence might be tanking in quarantine, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to know you’re going through it.

There are some tricks to appear more confident when you need it most – whether you’re navigating your professional or romantic life. Confidence is key. It can be tricky to master, but there are ways to come across like you’ve got it all together even if you don’t. Here’s how to fake it ‘til you make it with confidence:

  • Fix your posture.Poor posture is one of the biggest tells when it comes to your confidence levels – plus, a slouch just looks sad! Pop your shoulders back, sit and stand up tall, and it’ll look like you feel like a million bucks.
  • Don’t self-criticize.Don’t listen to that little troll inside your head, and definitely don’t share its ideas with others. If you want to appear more confident, ditch the negative self-talk and forget your “flaws.” For example, don’t think of a scar as an imperfection, simply consider it a memory of an injury – or if you want to be a tough guy, a fight!
  • Slow your breathing.People will start to pick up that you’re stressed if you’re out of breath, fidgeting and talking at a hundred miles per hour. Slow it down, including your breathing, and your brain and body will follow – you’ll look more in control, and you’ll feel calmer, too.
  • Make eye contact.This Is the number one tell when it comes to confidence. Be an active listener by keeping eye contact with people when you’re talking to them, and you’ll look like you really have it together. Just don’t stare into someone’s eyes without blinking like a creep.


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