Did You Know You Can Cook With Your Old Christmas Tree?

Man setting up a Christmas tree in the living room with son and dog sitting on a couch

We've all been going through a rough patch, go ahead, keep your Christmas tree up through January. Here's something to try when you take that fir down- cook with it!

A new book called How to Eat Your Christmas Tree is currently going viral for listing several recipes that involve reusing/recycling your old Christmas tree for drinks and foods.

Most of the recipes in the book use the needles from the tree like an herb and apparently different types of Christmas trees have different flavors like more of a vanilla flavor or more zest.

Now a warning: some Christmas trees are poisonous if eaten, like cypress, cedars and yews and some trees are sprayed with pesticides, but if none of those apply then you could make your own fish, lamb, squash, and ice cream recipes using your tree!

Here is a link to the book in case you want to be inspired!


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