Lyft Will Now Let You Book Rides For Your Friends And Family

Lyft Amp

Get ready to start sending out Lyft rides to all of your friends and family because the ride-share service has just enabled this new feature!

The new "Rides for Others" tool is currently being rollout out nationally that will allow users to book trips for their family and/or friends to specific locations like the doctor's office, grocery store, or a COVID-19 vaccine site to help them out.

To use the tool, Lyft customers will open their account and tap the search bar on the home screen, then, tap the "Me" button and "Add rider." The person ordering the ride will then enter the pickup location and destination, and be able to track the trip in real-time.

The new tool will also allow riders and drivers to rate each other after the ride.

Thank goodness this won't affect our Lyft ratings!!

(Travel + Leisure)

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