The Key Signs You've Reached Your Happy Weight

Our bodies are healthiest when we’re not overeating or eating too little and we’re working out regularly, but not like maniacs.

It’s all about finding that balance, according to psychologist Glenn Mackintosh. But he explains that the ideal body pushed by the diet industry has left many of us at war with our bodies as we try to make them match society’s expectations.

How do we get back to the weight where our bodies feel and function at their best?

He advises taking the focus off weight loss and putting it on ourselves as a whole, healthy person. How do you know you’re there? These are some signs to look for.

  • You’re not hung up on numbers- Mackintosh says, “Focusing on your weight creates more problems than it cures.” That means forgetting the scale and working on getting your body to function at its best.
  • You work out because it gives you wings- You’re not forcing yourself into a spin class so you can shed a few pounds, you’re doing it because it makes you feel good and it’s good for you.
  • You eat for max energy- It’s not about the calories or the carbs, it’s finding the balance between not eating so much you feel bloated or sluggish and not eating so little you feel tired or deprived.
  • You’re tuned-in to natural stress relievers- When you’re at your “happy weight,” you understand ways to eat and move your body to help you feel calm and clear-headed, so you can cope with the stresses that come your way.

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