List: America's 10 Favorite Dog Breeds

Labrador retrievers were just named America's favorite dog for the 30th year in a row. But could this be their LAST year at the top?

The American Kennel Club does an annual study on the most popular breeds. And FRENCH BULLDOGS are having a real moment right now. Here are the ten most popular breeds in 2021 . . .

1. Labrador retrievers.

2. French bulldogs. Up from fourth place last year.

3. German shepherds. Knocked out of the #2 spot for the first time since 2009.

4. Golden retrievers.

5. Bulldogs.

6. Poodles.

7. Beagles.

8. Rottweilers.

9. German shorthaired pointers.

10. Dachshunds. It's the only breed that wasn't on last year's list. They knocked Welsh Corgis out of the 10th spot. 

(American Kennel Club)

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