Every 17 Years, Cicadas Invade 15 States. Wearable Bug Pod Protects You!


Cicadas are coming to 15 states this spring.

This year will mark the reemergence after 17 years of Brood X, or the Great Eastern Brood, of periodical cicadas – those large, winged, kind of scary-looking but mostly harmless flying insects known for their almost deafening buzz. (USA TODAY)

If you're going to cross their path, now you can protect yourself with the "Walking Pod Mesh" which is a wearable bug pod that will prevent any bugs from bothering you!

The Walking Pod Mesh looks like your first college laundry basket, but actually has a fine-gauge mesh screen on every side that works essentially like bug netting.

A pod will set you back $89.99, but it does come in various colors or you could just get your college laundry hamper and see if that works!

You can see what the pod looks like below and if you take your bugs seriously then you can pre-order one HERE!


Getty Images

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