Like Hacks That Actually Work!!

Sometimes the life hacks we see on social media end up making more of a mess than they do helping.

These people shared the bizarre hacks that they swear work, and some of them are certainly interesting. 

It started when a user on Reddit recently asked folks, “What is a life hack that seems fake, but is a true lifesaver?", and plenty of people were more than happy to chime in.

Bizarre life hacks that really work include:

  • "If you're having trouble staying awake in class / at a meeting, see how long you can keep one of your feet lifted slightly off the ground."
  • "I have a bad habit of falling asleep on long drives. Finally discovered eating sunflower seeds kept me wide awake. Life changing / life saving."
  • "During pollen season...rinse your hair before bed. Otherwise, you’re just depositing pollen on your pillowcase every night and then rolling your face in it, all night.”
  • "Rubbing vegetable oil (or any cooking oil) on your hands after you cut up jalapeños or other hot peppers gets rid of the awfulness that would normally be left on your hands from the peppers.”
  • "That rubbing alcohol removes chewing gum."
  • "If your ring gets stuck on your finger, Windex will slide it right off. Worked at a jewelry store for five plus years."
  • "All your kindling for a fire is wet and all you have is matches and snacks, any corn chip will light into a ball of flames."
  • "Smell is closely associated with memory. If you're studying for an exam, buy an odd scented eraser (like pickle scent). Every time you try to memorize something, take a sniff. Take that eraser to the test and sniff it when you're having trouble remembering an answer."
  • “Use shaving cream as anti-fog. I used it on the inside of my motorcycle visor. Smear it on, let it dry, then rinse off and dry. It also works for bathroom mirrors. You can use it on a small spot so you can still see when you get out of the shower."
  • "Use a wet knife to chop onions. It reduces tears if you have sensitive eyes." 


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