Shopping Finds: Amy's 3 Favorite Things Of The Week (5/28)

I have not been paid to recommend any of these products. Here are three things I'm loving this week! Let's get started...

1: Sunscreen

This weekend is the unofficial kick-off to summer. Sun's out, sunscreen's on. I am crazy about protecting my skin. I've tried so many different types of SPF lotions...some good, some bad. Here are the two I'm using this summer.

For your face: Elta MD Skincare SPF 50 it doesn't leave a chalky residue and really protects the face, neck and chest.

For your body: BurnOut has amazing protection. This one does have a bit of a white sheen. You have to really rub it in but it works great!

2: A 35% off Sale At One of My Favorite Furniture Shops, Joybird

When we finally turned our den into an office/lounge space- instead of a dumping ground for all our crap- during the pandemic, I stalked this sofa on Joybird. It's exactly what I was hoping for :) They offer so many color, size and fabric options. It's easy to find one you love. Right now, their entire website is 35% off. Here's the link.

3: NutriBullet

Summer is here. Let's get those seasonal cocktails going! In this house, that means Bootleggers. We make our own mix using the Bullet and keep it in the fridge all season. Here's the link. As you can see, ours has had a lot of use!

Recipe for our Bootlegger Mix:

*1/2 Lemon Juice (The juice you use matters. I recommend Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice. On sale NOW at Lunds. I just loaded up.)

*1/4 Cup Lime Juice (Santa Cruz Organic Lime Juice, also on sale now)

*1/4 Simple Syrup (Easy to make and keep in a mason jar in the fridge. Put equal parts water and sugar on the stove. Heat until sugar is dissolved. That's it!)

*1/4 Firmly packed fresh mint

Blend in Bullet. Store in fridge.

To Make Bootlegger:

*Pour One Shot of Gin or Vodka Over Ice

*1/4 Cup Bootlegger Mix

*Top With Club Soda

*Stir and Enjoy!

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