#1 Trend Causing Millennial Marriages to End In Divorce

Relationship coach, Michaiah Dominguez, has noticed one new troubling trend with our millenials. According to her, if we really want our relationships to make it until death do us part, 'We need to stop moving in with each other without fully committing.'

That’s right – stop shacking up.

Not what I was expecting.

It might seem old-fashioned to keep your living situations separated until marriage is in the picture, but it’s not without good reason. Dominguez says cohabiting too soon “actually decreases the likelihood that you will marry and increases your chances of divorce after five years.” Hence the term “Millennial divorce” getting thrown around a lot these days to describe our age group’s breakups with partners we’re living with, but not married to.

Before you move out or rip up your rental contract, there is an easy way to avoid a nasty split. Communicate.

Dominguez recommends couples have a very serious chat about goals and ask each other the “hard” questions before you start sharing a bedroom and bathroom. We’re talking the really adult stuff like ‘do you even want to get married’ or ‘do you want kids? ’If they’d rather concentrate on their career than settle down, you should find that out way before you rent a U-Haul. Makes sense.

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