Dorothy's ORIGINAL Dress From 'The Wizard Of Oz' Has Been Found!

We're off to see The Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Catholic University in DC because a drama professor just found a lost dress Judy Garland actually wore forThe Wizard Of Oz!

Catholic University just announced that thanks to drama department lecturer Matt Ripa, they were able to find a lost box that contained one of Dorothy's dresses from the classic film that was donated to the university almost 60 years ago.

Apparently multiple professors would look for the lost dress in their free time in the school's drama department and it wasn't until Ripa decided to clean the department's mailboxes that he found the dress inside hidden box.

The school contacted the Smithsonian's Museum of American History to verify whether the dress was authentic and it appears to be the real deal. You better believe they're going to keep the dress under lock and key from now on!


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