Autocorrect Fail Made Dog Groomer Accidentally Send A Morbid Text

Smiling female groomer bathing schnauzer in sink at pet salon

Photo: Westend61

This is every dog parent's worst nightmare: You drop your fur-child off at the groomer to get their nails cut or to get a fancy bath and then your groomer texts you the worst news - your dog passed away!

Or at least that's what this dog parent thought after the groomer sent a text with an autocorrect fail that changed "ready" to "dead!"

Apparently, the groomer was trying to tell the owner that their beagle named Dexter was ready to be picked up, but because of autocorrect it said, "Dexter is dead," but it wasn't until a few moments later that the groomer realized what they had sent.

They then sent a video and photo of Dexter to confirm that he was still alive to the owner, but it's kind of puzzling on how the owner reacted so slowly to the news.

You can see a screenshot of the texts below!

(NY Post)

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