6 Benefits of Trying Something New

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After staying home so much, Americans are itching to try new things. 

80% of Americans say they've tried something new since the pandemic started. That includes 67% who've tried a new food or drink, and 64% who've expanded their taste in movies, music, or TV shows.

Here are six benefits of trying new things, according to the poll . . .

1. It can make you feel better in general. 78% of people say it's true.

2. It boosts happiness. 60% say trying new things makes them happy.

3. It can make you more creative. 53% say branching out helps with creativity.

4. It gives you energy. 52% of us feel more energetic after trying something new.

5. It raises your self-esteem. 51% say they feel more content with themselves after doing something they've never done before.

6. It can help you find something you love. 63% of people have ended up loving something that they avoided for years. 

(PR Newswire)

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