How You Can Get Upgraded to First Class, According to Flight Attendant.

A flight attendant on TikTok, Cierra Mistt, dropped some insider knowledge on how to get upgraded to first class. She said these are not guaranteed ways to get upgraded, but they can help you get upgraded.

1.) Being nice to gate agent or flight attendant. A little something-something, like Starbucks or chocolate, will go a long way!

2.) If the flight isn't full they will need to move people around for weight and balance. The plane is tail heavy which mens they're going to move people from the back first.

3.) Airlines are overbooking flights right now. If everyone shows up for the flight they need to move people to another flight which means VOUCHERS. These vouchers can range from a couple hundred dollars to upgrades to first class, hotel stays (if you have to stay over night) and more.

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