How to Spot A Hidden Camera in Hotel and Vacation Rentals

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We’ve all seen stories about a guest discovering they’ve been secretly filmed by hidden cameras in their hotel room or vacation rental and no one wants it to happen to them. Luckily, a new TikTok video shows us how to spot possible recording devices in hotels and vacation rentals.

The clip is shared by Marcus Hutchins, using the screen name Malwaretech and it’s gotten more than 15-million views since last week. His video shares simple advice for spotting the hidden cameras:

  • The first step is to check around the room for devices that are placed in areas where they could record something like a smoke detector directly over the bed or an alarm clock pointed at the bed.
  • Next, physically check the devices for cameras. These tiny spy cameras can be so small and the video reveals that the smoke detector, alarm clock and USB outlet all have hidden cameras inside.
  • You can detect a camera by shining a light on the device. A camera lens will reflect blue under a flashlight.
  • Light can also reveal cameras hidden behind mirrored surfaces, like the front of an alarm clock.
  • You can also find hidden cameras by looking for IR sensors on devices, which may show a camera with night vision is inside the device.

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