Bought Chicken in the Last 10 Years? There's a Class-Action Settlement...

Raw  chicken in the water isolated on white background. Ready for cooking.

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Is this the silliest class-action lawsuit of all time? The only people who don't qualify are vegetarians and people who've been in a COMA for over a decade. If you've bought CHICKEN at any point in the past 12 years, you might be entitled to money. 

Someone realized the big chicken companies conspired to limit supplies and keep the price of chicken up. So now those companies have to pay out a total of $181 MILLION. And to qualify, you just need to have bought chicken in one of 23 states between 2009 and December of last year.

You didn't have to live in the state. You just had to buy chicken there, or CLAIM you did. The dumb part is so many people qualify, you'll only end up with a few bucks at most. But you can register at

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