How Silence Helps You Negotiate Your Salary, According to Study.

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Negotiating salary or a raise is one of the most *stressful* things as an adult. But there's a simple & powerful tool you can use to help.


Silence can become uncomfortable which makes people talk more, usually to their own disadvantage.

According to new research, pausing between 3 & 9 seconds during a negotiation has benefits. Jared Curhan, an associate professor of work and organization studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his colleagues found that this silence can create a “shift from default, zero-sum thinking to a more reflective, deliberative mindset, which, in turn, is likely to lead to the recognition of golden opportunities."

In other words, when you pause to think during the conversation, it can help the negotiation move towards a more favorable outcome.

Why is silence effective? Between the 3 & 9 seconds of silence is where the outside-the-box solutions and "a-ha" moments were more likely to occur.

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