Cyber Security Experts Have 8 Things You Should Stop Doing Online ASAP

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We are currently online way more than ever before. While this can be great, it also has caused a rise in online fraud and scams. It can be scary! Last year, ‘The FTC' logged 2.2-million fraud reports! Imposter scams and online shopping were the top two.

But thankfully, cybersecurity expert Adam Levin is sharing things that you should stop doing online that will help protect you.

1) Avoid oversharing – it can be dangerous, whether your accounts are public or private.

2) Don’t shop online with a debit card. Using a credit card offers way more fraud protection.

3) And don’t shop from new online retailers without doing a little research first.

4) Stop leaving your Venmo transactions set to public.

5) And don’t put your whole life story on dating apps.

6) Definitely don’t give random “employers” your Social Security number.

7) If you get an email from “your bank,” give them a call instead of clicking on the links.

8) Finally, if you’re not monitoring your credit, the time is to start now.


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