How To Make Amy's Eucalyptus, Christmas Wall Hanging

Hi! Early in the pandemic, I made a eucalyptus wall hanging for our spare room.

As I was decorating for Christmas, ridiculously early, my Mom asked if I'd make her one as a gift. As I it together, I figured I'd make a second, holiday version for myself and hang it in our kitchen window...

It's really simple. You can use decorations you already have and it looks damn good (if I do say so myself).

Here's what you need:

*A stick. I went into the woods by my house and looked for fallen branches. I was able to find one big enough to saw in half. One side for my Mom's hanging, one for mine.

*Twine. I used regular brown twine. You could use Christmas ribbon or fishing line. It's creator's choice.

*A string of lights. I'm using some battery operated lights because of where the plug-ins are in the kitchen. Use what you have.

*Eucalyptus. I bought mine from Etsy. I got the Silver Dollar bunch and the Large Fresh Eucalyptus. You can get it at a floral shop too or use any greenery you want! Another option is to swap the branches for cut strips of garland- for a super sparkle effect. I might make one of those next.

*Ornaments. I used non-breakable because the fridge door sometimes bumps two of the bulbs. You can use whatever you've got at home or buy a set of the same color for a uniformed look.

  1. Cut one large piece of twine (or whatever you've decided to use) to each end of the stick. This will be your hanger. You may want to double it up to add strength.
  2. Cut strands of twine and attach one end to the branch or garland. Tie the other end to the main branch.
  3. After you've strung all your greenery/garland, use pieces of twine to attach the ornaments the same way.
  4. Hang the lights loosely around the branch
  5. You're done. Enjoy :)

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