Doctors Want You To Try These Healthy Morning Habits In 2022

We're all about getting ahead on your 2022 health goals and while this week might be one of the hardest weeks to keep things going, I wanted to share some tips to encourage you to keep going on your fitness/health goals.

This is what doctors recommend everyone does to start their way on the right foot for their mind, body, and soul:

  • Write down something you’re grateful for - Practicing gratitude can boost your mood and enhance positive feelings.
  • Drink water - Get that hydration going first thing to increase overall water intake for the day.
  • Meditate - A quick 10-minute meditation can set the tone for positivity and less stress throughout the day.
  • Make your bed - People who do it are “happier and more productive than people who don’t” make their beds.
  • Get some natural light - Let that sun shine through your windows because it can improve moods.
  • Do some exercise - Getting yourself moving in the morning can be a natural mood enhancer.
  • Stretch - A quick 10-minute stretching routine can help keep your muscles from getting too tight and ease tension.
  • Do something you enjoy - Listen to a podcast or an audio book that helps you learn, grow and feel good about yourself in the morning.

Obviously you don't need to do ALL of these things in the morning, but pick and choose which things best suit your morning routine and you'll be feeling better in no time!

(NY Post)

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