Mark Cuban Launched A Discount Pharmacy

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The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company has officially launched, claiming to offer the “lowest prices on 100 lifesaving prescriptions” according to a press release. One of the medications listed in the release is a leukemia treatment called Imatinib, which the release says has a retail price of $9,657 a month and costs around $120 a month with a voucher, but the release says the new service will make it available for $47 per month.

Cuban told Axios in a statement “Not everyone sets the goal of being the lowest cost producer and provider,” and added, “My goal is to make a profit while maximizing impact.” The company is able to offer lower prices because it’s a registered pharmaceutical wholesaler, and the press release says that lets the company “bypass middlemen and outrageous markups.”

The company says it has plans to build a pharmaceutical factory in Dallas by the end of the year; for now, the company is online only at


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