Side Hustles You Might Want To Start In 2022

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The past two years, we've had plenty of time to start new hobbies and side hustles to distract us while working from home, but which side hustles are actually worth the investment in 2022?

Here are some of the new side hustles you can take up early this year that could add some extra cash to your pocket later in the year according to experts:

  • Zoom Workshop Host - Host a paid Zoom workshop on something you have a passionate expertise about like crafting, music, or video games.
  • Online Tutor - Many students and parents are in search of extra help from home, which means online tutors will continue to be in high demand.
  • Micro-Influencer - Micro influencers with a few thousand followers are in high demand by brands looking to reach smaller, more distinctly targeted audiences. All it takes to become a micro influencer is starting an Instagram or TikTok account and sharing engaging content.
  • Niche Website Founder - Are you passionate about something that only a select few would also be passionate about? Start your own website and update it with news you don't normally see covered.
  • Spiritual Coach - Gen Z is embracing its spirituality, leaning into mindfulness and meditation and growing interest in the esoteric world so if you're into that stuff then why not get paid for it?
  • Online Course Creator - Helping people learn how to code or cook is easier than ever now thanks to the Internet and now you can set up your own courses to help people grow their hobby.
  • DoorDasher - Anyone can do it, as long as they have a phone and a car. Once someone has been accepted into the program, all they have to do is download the DoorDash app, put themselves on the schedule, and wait for orders to be sent to them.
  • Translator - Even if you speak only one language, providing language services is a lucrative side gig that can turn into a full-time career if you enjoy it.”
  • Notary Public - Everyone needs a notary at one point in their life and if you take up this side hustle it could make you bank based on if you want to charge people or not.

You can learn more about each side hustle HERE!


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