Which Type of Procrastinator Are You?

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Even when you say you’re going to spend the next couple of hours being productive sometimes you just physically can’t. That’s because procrastination is a “habitual behavior” that’s “trigged” by something deeper.

According to experts, there are six different types of procrastinators.

  • The perfectionist – gets overwhelmed by wanting things to be perfect and feels like there’s always room for improvement. Their standards for a task are too high making it feel impossible to complete.
  • The dreamer – becomes bored and tired just thinking about how long a task will take. They need variety in their life.
  • The worrier – driven by fear of judgment, failure, and even success. These procrastinators suffer the most from imposter syndrome. If they have any hesitancies about starting something, they’ll just put it off.
  • The drama queen – says they “work better under pressure” so they intentionally set things off until the last minute. The rush of hitting a deadline is almost thrilling.
  • The rebel – doesn’t want to do a task because it feels like they’re being told what to do. They like to be in control of their time and energy and completing a certain task could seem unfair or unnecessary.
  • The over-doer – takes on way too much in their life and is always saying “yes” to tasks. They became so overwhelmed with their long to-do list they don’t want to start any of it.


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