How to Love The Job You Have

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Don’t love your job? You’re not alone. Just ask the thousands who are a part of “The Great Resignation” and recently quit theirs.

In case you aren’t one who’s able to just up and quit your job like that, it isn’t the end of the world.

Experts say that we can actually come to love our jobs and at least feel more satisfied in our careers which will ultimately make us more productive, ethical, less antisocial, and less stressed at work.

  • Choose well – Not everyone is lucky enough to have their dream job or a job that feels fulfilling. But keep in mind that “what you do is not as important as why you do it, and where you work is not as impactful as who you work with.”
  • Embrace job crafting – How we approach our job – whatever it is – can be entirely dependent on us. This looks like prioritizing our energy on more important tasks and developing better habits.
  • Don’t waste time with inept bosses – Approach your relationship with your boss like you would a relationship; give it your best and if they don’t come around move on to someone better.
  • Let go when you have to – There’s no prize for sticking it out longer than you have to. If you’re miserable at your current job, pursue something better and when it comes your way, don’t be afraid to leave immediately.
  • Lower your expectations – Simply put, you can either try harder or lower your expectations. Having it all in your job or career is something unrealistic. Each job comes with it’s pros and cons.

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